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Portable Yadabyte Shhh!!!

Text Encryption Tool

Yadabyte Shhh!!! is an occasional use, simple, portable and secure text based encryption app. It provides lifestyle encryption of text such as emails, credit card details or MSN messages. It isn't PGP but with AES 256 if the password isn't compromised the encryption won?t be broken.

- The communication is secured with AES 256 encryption. If the password is not compromised then nor will the encrypted text be.

- Very simple for anyone who knows how to copy and paste: "Mum I need to send you my credit card details? download this? and paste this? the password is your cat's name."

- Truly portable and tiny in size, Yadabyte Shhh!!! Runs on any XP PC from any medium.

- No data ever saved anywhere.

- Open source, like every security app should be.

Note: Yadabyte Shhh!!! Makes no attempt at password distribution, it is up to you to make sure your "friends" have the password you use. If you are a spy you should use PGP or similar. Most of us can get enough security relevant to the kind of encryption we need (credit card numbers, business memos, romantic message?) using the phone, face to face etc.