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Portable Yadabyte Notes

List Management

The main aim of YBN is to give you one place where you can keep all the "stuff" of your life. A place that you can carry with you to use on any PC, and soon PPC and PALM. If you practice GTD and Todoque then this application is ideal for "collection", list management and archiving. If you don't, it's just a great, simple, note pad.

Free, Portable and unlike anything before it.

Perpetual Open Notes File ? Your notes will be kept in a single file (html) that you can keep using and carry for ever. This file can be opened in any web browser, text editor or word processor.

Every note records its history, so you need never loose information, even if your clear the note.

Notes can be a single phone number jotted down in a hurry, a chapter of your next book or anything in between.

Natural Navigation ? Say goodbye to indexes and lists, YBN uses an innovative text based navigation system. You want John's phone number, type "john". You want the email draught for the Seattle trip, type "Seattle". You might have a million notes, Natural Navigation will allow you to find them in the fastest, most intuitive way.

Spell Checker - Check out the new spell checker feature. Now you don?t need to open MSWord every time you need to check your spelling.