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The CD Viewer is a brandable application that runs from a burned CD with photos on any Windows machine (Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP). With CD Viewer, you can easily View and Share your photos while they are on a CD. You can effortlessly rename the photos and copy them to your computer.

The program enables users to view photos in thumbnail, single view and slideshow modes. Users can email photos using their default email program and the photos are downsized in the process. The CD Viewer enables the user to copy the photos to their computer while creating a folder structure, renaming the photos and downloading the full version of the software in the process. The CD Viewer also facilitates the reordering of prints from a photo-finisher by having a direct link to the processor for online ordering.

The CD Viewer is included with the Preclick PhotoBack plug-in. All you have to do is select to include the CD Viewer from the Options* menu within Preclick PhotoBack.